Government Affairs

The Realtors® Political Action Committee plays an important part in local, state, and federal levels of advocacy on behalf of Realtors®. RPAC is a bipartisan organization that supports political candidates and legislature that advocate for real estate issues, like private property rights and free enterprise. This, in turn, helps consumers realize the American dream of homeownership. Watch this video for more information.

RPAC helps you conduct your business without undue, unnecessary, and unreasonable legislation. Thanks to the joint daily efforts of the SLBR, UAR, and NAR Government Affairs teams, and the countless Realtor® advocates who support RPAC through their time and investments, we continue to succeed in meeting our goals, which have a direct financial impact on both agents and consumers. These teams advocate for legislation that:
  • Protects against a sales tax on services ($7,000 savings for you)
  • Preserves the mortgage interest deduction ($3,000 savings for you)
  • Prevents the requirement of having an attorney at closing ($5,000 savings for you)
  • Protects against a transfer tax ($12,500 savings for your client)
  • Preserves the sale of home capital gains exemption ($14,760 savings for your client)
Politics might not be for everyone, but they certainly affect everyone. As with any community, Realtors® are stronger when they stand together. RPAC is critical to the success of our industry, as it gives Realtors® a powerful collective voice that is heard and respected at every facet of government. A contribution to RPAC is an investment in your industry and your livelihood. Please consider making your RPAC investment today!

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Marcus Jessop
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Matthew Clewett
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