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The Salt Lake Board of Realtors® serves a four-fold mission: Government advocacy, knowledge, communication, and service. Committees help the Board accomplish this mission. Realtor® and affiliate members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on one or more of the Board’s committees.


  • Term of service for committee members is based on a calendar year (January to December).
  • Volunteers can sign up each year at the annual Committee Sign-Up Day held in November.
  • There are many committee assignments, but some committees are limited in size. Please see below for the specific details for each committee.


* This committee is limited in size, and can only be applied for at the November Sign-up Day
The Affiliates Advisory Board is a 14-member appointed panel of affiliate industry leaders, who have been actively involved with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® for a minimum of two years. This committee represents all affiliate members of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®. There are specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for service on this committee. The three main objectives of this committee are:

1. Increase awareness of the affiliate membership to the real estate community.
2. Provide affiliate members an opportunity to be actively involved with members of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®, committees and task groups.
3. Increase the number of affiliate members to the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®.

The Education Committee sets the criteria for the selection and development of new courses for the Board. They evaluate existing courses and instructors and organize special educational events to be held throughout the year.

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for: Examining all proposed legislation or ordinances of local, state or national interests that affect real property or the right or private ownership and free enterprise; recommending any necessary actions regarding such proposed legislation or ordinances to the Board of Directors; being aware of and participating when possible in all matters affecting local zoning and planning procedures, practices or regulations relating to the real estate and allied industries; working closely with the Utah Association of Realtors®. This committee also oversees fund raising programs for RPAC (Realtors® Political Action Committee).

* This committee is limited in size, and can only be applied for at the November Sign-up Day
The Grievance Committee’s function is to make preliminary evaluation of complaints against members to determine whether the complaint warrants further consideration by a hearing panel of the Professional Standards Committee.

* This committee is limited in size, and can only be applied for at the November Sign-up Day
Members of this committee are selected to serve on hearing panels to arbitrate disputes arising out of real estate transactions and to hear matters of alleged ethical and/or professional misconduct by members of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®. All members of this committee must have prior service on the Grievance Committee.

This committee assists commercial Realtor® members with growing advocacy, education and market research needs. We are accredited with NAR Commercial, the commercial real estate division of the National Association of Realtors®.

SLBR Charities Committee 
* This committee is limited in size, and can only be applied for at the November Sign-up Day
A 501(c)(3) that organizes charity events and fundraisers to serve the community.

The purpose of the Young Professionals Network (a charter of the National Association of Realtors®) is to provide networking, social and educational opportunities to young Realtors®, paving a path to success and innovative growth in the real estate profession. This also is a mentoring network between seasoned agents and new real estate professionals.

Commercial | Dave Anderton | 801-542-8854 | dave@slrealtors.com
Education | Ashley Mordwinow | 801-542-8853 | ashley@slrealtors.com
Government Affairs | Marcus Jessop | 801-542-8890 | marcus@slrealtors.com
Professional Standards & Grievance | Holly Robbins | 801-542-8856 | holly@slrealtors.com 
Young Professionals Network & Charity | Kelley Anderson | 801-542-8852 | kelley@slrealtors.com