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Award Eligibility:

1. All applicants for this award must be a member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® as their primary Board.

2. This award honors one Realtor® or Affiliate member who has made exceptional contributions to his or her community during the award year.

3. Past award recipients do not qualify to apply for this award. However, past recipients of this award may apply in another award category.

4. Ethical conduct – If, by the filing date, the applicant is found in violation of the Code of Ethics by the Professional Standards Committee or in violation of Utah State Law as determined by the Real Estate Division during the calendar year of application, the applicant will not be eligible to apply for this award.

5. IMPORTANT: Your application will not be eligible for consideration if all specified supporting documentation is not included.

In selecting the recipients of the awards, the following may be considered:

1. Community and civic involvement, personal contribution to philanthropic work including but not limited to significant contribution of personal time, monetary or material donations or contribution of other resources.

2. Although nominee may not have kept exact records, please best estimate the contribution of time, money and/or materials to the charitable organization or cause.

Award application must be accompanied by:

1. ** Explanation of Nominee Contribution (write response in application form).

2. *** Verification of Involvement: (attach in application form).
Please attach published reports or testimonials from the organization (or individuals served) that document the nominee’s contribution to the organization. These documents should attest to the individual’s involvement with the organization. Please highlight the nominee’s name in documents where it is not immediately evident.

3. Photograph of nominee (high resolution of 300 dpi).