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Award Eligibility:

1. Applicants may be eligible for either Distinguished Service award (based on participation and service), Gold Hall of Fame award, or Platinum Hall of Fame (based on sales performance and participation), not multiple awards.

2. All applicants for this award must be Realtor® members of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® as their primary Board.

3. Members must be able to verify that they have 50 points in participation in Board activities and/or RPAC investment during the award year.

4. The Distinguished Service award is given annually and members must apply and qualify each year.

5. Ethical conduct – If, by the filing date, the applicant is found in violation of the Code of Ethics by the Professional Standards Committee or in violation of Utah State Law as determined by the Real Estate Division during the calendar year of application, the applicant will not be eligible to apply for this award.

6. IMPORTANT: Your application will not be eligible for consideration if all specified supporting documentation is not included.

In selecting the recipients of the awards, the following may be considered:

1. The Distinguished Service Award is given annually to members who have demonstrated professional and educational accomplishments, participated in the political process by making an RPAC investment, or have actively participated in Salt Lake Board and other Realtor® functions.

2. This award does not have any sales performance requirements.

3. Awards will be conferred if requirements are met in one or more of the following areas and a total of 50 participation points can be verified:

  • Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® education, committee service, tour participation and/or RPAC investment.
  • National Association of REALTORS® and Utah Association of REALTORS® convention attendance.
  • National Association of REALTORS® and Utah Association of REALTORS® institute, Society and Council designations and involvement or activity in those designation groups.
  • Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® leadership role (Committee Chairman or Director).

Award application must be accompanied by:

1. Photograph of nominee (high resolution of 300 dpi).

2. Payment fee for photo to appear in the newspaper announcement of the REALTOR® Distinguished Service recipients. The fee for this advertising is $100.00 to be sent to the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® office via check or credit card. For payment by credit card contact Director of Events or the Accounting Manager at (801) 542-8840.