Board of Director Candidates

Make Your Vote Count! There are five (5) open positions for the 2024 Board of Directors. Voting will take place on UtahRealEstate.com Thursday, Aug. 24th - Tuesday, Aug. 29th. We anticipate the results of the election will be announced to the membership on Wednesday, August 30th.


Windermere Real Estate- Realtor® | 18 Year Member

I’m happy to announce that I am running for one of five open seats on the Board of Directors. Like you, the Salt Lake Board has supported me throughout my 18 year career as a residential sales agent. I’d like to give something back now. With your support, I will work aggressively to help further the cause of integrity and professionalism within our industry. Please consider giving me your vote. I would be honored to work on our behalf and help promote the advancement of the Salt Lake Board and all of its members. Thank you!


RealtyPath - South Valley - Realtor® | 8 Year Member

My career is my passion, driven by a desire to serve and help people achieve their goals and create better lives through home ownership and investing in Real Estate. As a Latina, I am proud to be part of a rapidly growing minority community of clients and agents. I believe that taking on the role of a Board Director will allow me to be a strong advocate and be like a bridge to integrated diverse cultures, something that I think is much needed in our industry. Embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity can bring numerous benefits to the entire organization and beyond. Furthermore, I am committed to elevating standards in our profession and leading by example. By educating and empowering our peers and the public, we can collectively work towards delivering the best possible outcomes. After all, it is for everyone’s benefit that we strive to excel as professionals. I am a proud Crystal RPAC member, always willing to serve and support. In 2019, my commitment to community service was acknowledged by the Office of Utah State Attorney General, Sean Reyes, who honored me with a Community Service Award. In July 2023, my team and I received recognition from Governor Spencer Cox through the Spirit of Service Award for our dedication as a nonprofit organization to help and facilitate immigrants that just arrives to the USA to integrate into our community. I am always eager to contribute my efforts to serving others. Additionally, this year, I am honor to have been distinguished by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) as one of the top 250 agents in the country. I hold a degree in Design and Architecture. When I immigrated to the USA, I study Business Marketing. Later on I decide to become a Real Estate Agent and to try to understand better my new world and the human beings, I decide to do a Master's degree on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a priceless asset that has greatly enriched my comprehension of human behavior and relationships.


Presidio Real Estate - Realtor® | 5 Year Member

Real estate has changed my life. At 35 years old and 12-years deep into a career I wasn’t satisfied with, and after battling with depression because of it, real estate’s low barrier to entry gave me an opportunity to reset, take control of help my life, and begin to grow into the person I knew I could be. As an agent and now as an associate broker I’ve had numerous opportunities to give back - as the director of sales for a successful team, as a continuing education instructor, as the ways and means committee chair for Salt Lake WCR, as a member of the education and grievance committees, and now as I help build and grow a brokerage. I didn’t go looking for any of these opportunities. They all came to me through other agents who asked for my help, and I was happy to oblige. My purpose is help others create the lives and businesses they desire and become the people they know they can be, using real estate as a platform, by leading and guiding them to higher levels of professionalism, service, and growth through education, example, and leadership.


Coldwell Banker Realty (Union Heights) - Realtor® | 17 Year Member

I bring a solid voice of reason and support, setting and maintaining high standards and respect for ourselves and others throughout our industry. I am a strong proponent of education and property rights and will work diligently to promote these aspects. My husband Mo and I have been married for 34 years. We live in Holladay where we raised our two children, Claire and Thomas. They are both adults now and live in NYC and Vermont. We are empty nesters, which gives me more time to serve my industry and my community. Outside of real estate I enjoy traveling (especially to NYC and Vermont), cooking, reading books of all types, skiing, working out and paddle boarding. I find the best way to be successful at what I do is to fully immerse myself in it. I have been a Realtor® and member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® for the past 17 years. Last year I obtained my broker’s license. It is important to me to stay educated. I keep up on laws, our market, and all things Realtor® and property rights related. I have a BA degree in psychology which helps me to understand myself and others. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as chair/vice chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the past six years and have learned a great deal about the real estate industry by serving. I currently have the opportunity to teach new Realtors® about RPAC and Government Affairs at Realtor® essentials each month. I serve on the UAR Legislative Committee which is such an enlightening experience to see firsthand how our state government works. I love Rob Ockey’s theme of “Civility” this year and will continue to emphasize this theme. It is a high priority for me to regularly participate in Board activities. Whatever I do I give 100%. I know a lot about our industry, I know how to lead, I know how to get answers and how to motivate people. I believe I would be an asset to the leadership in our industry.


Coldwell Banker Realty - Realtor® | 21 Year Member

I'm honored to be a candidate for a profession and membership that has enriched my life over the past 21 years. As an active Realtor since 2002, I've weathered many changes alongside my peers, growing through an ever-evolving landscape. This career has offered me opportunities, personal growth, and lifelong friendships. I believe strongly in giving back to a community that has given me so much. My passion for serving others began in 2005 as the Vice-Chair to the RPAC Committee (which merged into what is now RPAC/Government Affairs), in 2008 I founded the Young Professionals Council/Network and evolving into various leadership roles and service on the other committees within the Board of Realtors. Currently I serve as a member to the Grievance Committee. I've been an RPAC major donor for over 15 years and understand the vital role our Realtor family plays in protecting private property rights and serving our clients, which often go unnoticed. Beyond real estate, I'm a founding member and current board member for the Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation, a non-profit for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. I strive to be a champion for cooperation, professionalism, and collaboration, and believe that if we all saw our fellow Realtors as peers, not merely competitors, we would foster a better environment for all. I'm genuinely grateful for the chance to serve again. Though I hope to have earned your support, I know that any of the other candidates presented this year would serve us well.


Engel & Volkers Salt Lake - Realtor® | 27 Year Member

As a dedicated member of the Realtor community for over 27 years, I feel humbled to have the opportunity to join the SLBR Board of Directors. I anticipate exciting changes to come in real estate, and your role as a Realtor is crucial to maintaining the landscape of homeownership. My experience as Vice Chair of RPAC/Government Affairs Committee has shown me the importance of taking action and being engaged. Your vote will enable me to be a strong advocate for you and for our profession! Let’s work together to create a meaningful impact on our communities and the real estate industry.


Coldwell Banker Realty (Union Heights) - Realtor® | 40 Year Member

Having served one term on the Board of Directors I would like to use the knowledge and experience I've gained to benefit the membership, help promote professionalism in our industry and emphasize a positive imagine to the public in a second term. I've had a real estate license for over 40 years and have survived too many ups and downs in the real estate market to count. I feel that experience enables me to relate to all aspects of being a realtor. I'm passionate about the industry and love my "realtor family". I've grown up in the industry surrounded by many professionals that I've looked up to as mentors and great examples of what a real estate professional should be. I've served on many committees, including grievance, professional standards, education, governmental affairs , Utah Legislative Committee, and UAR Professional Standards . I have been a major investor for more than 15 years and witness the value of supporting RPAC every day. Those who know me know that "I put my money where my mouth is" and promise if elected I will listen to suggestions and concerns from you, the membership, and do whatever it takes to make the Salt Lake Board of Realtors an asset to your business. I just moved after 22 years and live in Sandy. I have three children and two grandkids. If i have a passion outside of real estate it's playing tennis and volunteering in the local tennis association, supporting several not for profit organizations and being involved in my community any way I can. Thank you for your support.


Wasatch Life Realty - Realtor® | 14 Year Member

I'm thrilled to present myself as a candidate for the upcoming Board of Directors election. With a strong commitment to the real estate industry, I'm excited to bring my 14 years of membership, leadership, and expertise to the forefront. I am the Principal Broker and Owner of Wasatch Life Realty. I have immersed myself in every facet of the field, gaining invaluable insights that have shaped my career. I understand the pulse of our industry, the challenges we face, and the opportunities that lie ahead. My dedication to our association has been unwavering. I have actively participated in various board committee positions, demonstrating my commitment to making positive changes. As a former YPN Chair and Vice Chair, I work tirelessly to empower the next generation of real estate professionals. I've also contributed my time and effort as Grievance Chair and Vice Chair, ensuring ethical standards and integrity within our community. Additionally, my current involvement in the professional standards committee has given me a comprehensive perspective on maintaining the highest professional standards in our field. I believe in fostering collaboration and promoting innovation within our industry. My vision for the Salt Lake Board of Realtors revolves around enhancing educational resources, promoting ethical practices, and advocating for policies that empower realtors and benefit our clients. Through transparent communication and strategic planning, I aim to elevate our association to new heights, fostering an environment of growth and prosperity for all members. Why Vote for me? Experience: With 14 years of dedicated membership and hands-on involvement, I possess an intricate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that our realtors encounter daily. Leadership: My history as a YPN Chair, Grievance Chair, and member of the professional standards committee demonstrates my capacity to lead and execute initiatives that shape the future of our profession. Dedication: I am fully committed to the success of our association, and I'm eager to continue contributing my time, energy, and expertise to create positive change