All First-Time Homebuyers (3).
Applications are due by noon on May 14, 2024. Please do not submit multiple applications for the same client.
Drawings take place the day after the applications close. Realtors® will be contacted by the Board the day after applications close (by end of day), regarding whether or not their client is a grant recipient.


-First time homebuyer
-Credit score greater than 640
-Household income at/below $141,400
-Realtor® is a primary member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors®
-Owner-occupied home (modular & manufactured homes qualify; mobile homes do not)
-Close on purchase within 90 days of grant closure date
-Be pre-qualified with a mortgage lender before applying


If transaction closes before the grant is awarded, the applicant is no longer eligible. Realtors® will be notified if their client is chosen as a recipient. A check will be sent directly to the title company (not the grant recipient) when the Realtor® notifies the Board of their client's closing date (must be within 90 days of being awarded the grant). Funds may be used for closing costs. This grant comes from SLBR Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity (#9561282-0140), which is funded by donations. The American Dream Grant does not need to be repaid, nor will any lien be placed on the home.


*All grants are for first-time home-buyers:
MARCH 20 - MAY 14 | (3) - $7,500 Grants
MAY 15 - JULY 16 | (3) - $7,500 Grants
JULY 17 - SEP 17 | (3) - $7,500 Grants
SEP 18 - NOV 19 | (3) - $7,500 Grants

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