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Award Eligibility:

1. This award is intended to pertain to commercial real estate transactions and primarily to commercial activities. Commercial transactions are those properties used for a commercial activity and are further described below.

2. This award is given to an individual sales agent. Eligibility questions will be determined at the discretion of the awards committee.

3. Past award recipients within the previous five (5) years do not qualify to apply for this award. However, past recipients of this award (6) years earlier or longer may apply for the award.

4. All applicants for this award must be a member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® as their primary Board.

5. Ethical conduct – If, by the filing date, the applicant is found in violation of the Code of Ethics by the Professional Standards Committee or in violation of Utah State Law as determined by the Real Estate Division during the calendar year of application, the applicant will not be eligible to apply for this award.

6. IMPORTANT: Your application will not be eligible for consideration if all specified supporting documentation is not included.

In selecting the recipients of the awards, the following may be considered (to be evaluated at awards committee’s discretion):

1. The SALT LAKE BOARD OF REALTORS® COMMERCIAL ALLIANCE COMMERCIAL SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD is organized to recognize sales performance, professionalism and participation by REALTOR® members of the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®. Awards will be determined based on requirements in one or more of the following areas:

a. Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®, committee service, tour participation, education and/or RPAC investment.

b. National Association of REALTORS® and Utah Association of REALTORS® convention attendance.

c. National Association of REALTORS® and Utah Association of REALTORS® Institute, Society and Council designations and involvement or activity in those designation groups.

d. Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® leadership role (Committee Chairman or Director).

2. Number of real estate transactions closed and/or the gross dollar volume of closed transactions as reported by Utahrealestate.com, or as otherwise verified by applicable HUD-1 settlement statements.

Please calculate volume and closed sides as follows:

a. If the property sold for $100,000 and there were two agents involved, each would receive $100,000 and one side.

b. If the property sold for $100,000 and one agent handled both the listing and the selling side, the agent would receive $200,000 credit and two sides.

c. This is an INDIVIDUAL Award. Only count sides and volume for which you are personally responsible.

d. Only closed transactions and participation in the calendar year 2016 will be considered.

e. The applicant must have been a member of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® at the time the transactions closed in order to receive credit.

Award application must be accompanied by:

1. An office report* verifying all transactions processed through Utahrealestate.com, for FSBO’s, HUD transactions, or any other transaction that did not process through Utahrealestate.com.

This report include transactions that you were involved in as an: (1) Agent, (2) Listing Agent, (3) Seller’s Agent and (4) Buyer’s Agent.
*The submitted office report will be kept strictly confidential and will only be viewed by Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® staff for award verification purposes. If you choose, you may black-out/remove any inapplicable information such as referrals and income. Any format of the office report that lists the total production volume and sides is acceptable.

NOTE: When an agent has worked for more than one office during the eligibility period, BOTH Brokers must certify sales made while in his or her office. Brokers should carefully review all applications prior to attaching their signature.

2. Photograph of nominee (high resolution of 300 dpi).