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The Best of 2017 Awards

Award applications are being accepted through Jan. 19th. Please click on the award you are interested in applying for on the right sidebar of this page

Awards are based on service and production levels in the calendar year 2017.

If you have problems with your submission please contact Emily Norris at emily@slrealtors.com.

Confidential Information
Some awards require an office report to be submitted. The submitted office report will be kept strictly confidential and will only be viewed by Salt Lake Board of Realtors® staff for award verification purposes. If you choose, you may black-out/remove any inapplicable information such as referrals and income. Any format of the office report that lists the total production volume and sides is acceptable.

Participation Requirements
For several awards you are required to list how you participated in Board activities (events, education classes, etc.) To see the list of activities you have attended click here. Once you have logged in click on ‘Events’ and view your class and meeting histories. In lieu of committee service, you may become a RPAC major investor by contributing $1,000 or more by Nov. 30.

If you do not remember the specific date you participated in a RealTour please list the month. If you did not track this information we unfortunately cannot look it up without at least knowing the month.

Submission Deadline
The deadline for submitting your application is Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 by 5 p.m. If any questions were skipped or not entered with the correct format the system will not allow you to submit your application. The errors will be highlighted with a red box.

You will be directed to a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email indicating your application was submitted. If you are NOT directed to the confirmation page you have not corrected the errors and submitted your application.

Review Process
Once information is verified by staff, all applications will be forwarded to the appropriate awards committee for review to determine a winner. Award selection committees are comprised of previous award winners and/or the Executive committee of the Salt Lake Board of Directors.

*For applicable awards the awards committee will do a blind review.

Award Notifications
Award notifications will be emailed in February. For the finalists, email notifications will also be sent to their broker. Due to the confidential nature of the submitted information we are unable to share specific reasons as to why someone may/may not have been chosen to receive an award.

Please contact Emily Norris with any questions regarding the application process, emily@slrealtors.com.