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2018 Awards are Now Closed

New Changes to Realtor® Awards

In 2018, the Salt Lake Board of Directors adopted a new and improved way of conducting the Annual Awards event. In past years it has always been a challenge to look at and judge the hundreds of different types of Realtor® business models and then attempt to place them into only a few awards categories. With the difficulties associated with this process, the Board will take a new forward thinking and more inclusive direction with awards. The awards will be broken down into two separate events – (1) the Holiday Social / Service Awards event in December, and (2) a Realtor® 500 Awards luncheon with the top 500 producing Realtors® to be held in January of the following year.

(1) Best of 2018 Service Awards (December Holiday Social)

Service award applications (Realtor® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year, Good Neighbor, and Distinguished Service) are now being accepted through Friday, Oct. 12. If you are a major investor to RPAC ($1,000 or more investment) by Nov. 15 you automatically qualify for the Distinguished Service award and do not need to apply. The following is a description of the awards.

a) Realtor® of the Year – This prestigious award is determined by a committee comprised of the past five recipients of this award. It is an award that is not based on sales volume but rather focuses more on an individual Realtor® who has given to the real estate profession and community. The Realtor® of the year will be featured in the local newspaper. To nominate an individual, please click the link in the upper right sidebar.

b) Affiliate of the Year – This award is selected by the past five recipients of the awards. It focuses on outstanding affiliates who give back to the industry. The recipient of this award will appear in the local newspaper. Please click the link in the upper right sidebar to apply for this award.

c) Good Neighbor – This year, not one, but three individuals will be selected as Good Neighbor Award winners. As some of you know, the NAR selects five Good Neighbor Recipients each year so we are mirroring this approach with our awards. There are so many Realtors® who do tremendous work in the community and we want to recognize as many as possible each year going forward. There will be an online application process for this award. Recipients of this award will appear in the local newspaper. Please click the link in the upper right sidebar to apply for this award.

d) Distinguished Service Award – As in the past, recipients of this award earn Distinguished Service by (1) obtaining 50 points throughout the given year for Board participation, or (2) by being a major RPAC investor ($1,000). One change this year will be that all Sterling RPAC major investors ($1,000) will automatically receive this award and will not have to apply online. Those wishing to receive this award by investing in RPAC must have their investment made no later than Nov. 15, 2018. Recipients of this award will appear in the local newspaper free of charge. For those who are not major investors to RPAC, please click the link in the upper right sidebar to apply for this award.

(2) Realtor® 500 (January)

The Realtor® 500 is a new event that will be held in January recognizing the Top 500 Realtors® by MLS production volume. No application submission is necessary. Realtors® who qualify for the top 500 and who are major investors to RPAC will also receive the Hall of Fame award. If you are one of the Realtor® 500 top producers, you can qualify for the Hall of Fame award by making a major investment by Dec. 15 to RPAC. Realtor® 500 recipients will be notified by the end of the year.

The Board will hold a separate Top Producer luncheon in early 2019 called the “Realtor® 500.” The purpose of the event will be to recognize the top 500 Realtors® according to MLS production rankings for the prior year, and to also recognize major RPAC investors. In an effort to promote the use and benefit of our local MLS, sales production not reported to the MLS will not be counted in the Realtor® 500 rankings. Only Realtors® in good standing with the Board pursuant to the Board’s policies will be eligible to receive this award. Any member of the Realtor® 500 who invests $1,000 or more to RPAC will automatically receive a “Hall of Fame” award similar to what has been done in the past. All Realtor® 500 members’ names will be featured in the local newspaper and other Board communications.

*Realtors® may qualify for both a service award and the Realtor® 500. To read a complete description of the Awards click here. Please contact the Board at 801.542.8840 and ask for Emily, Dave or Kelley. For questions about RPAC contact Matt or Marcus at 801.542.8875. Email any questions to Emily at emily@slrealtors.com.