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Our Supra key and lockbox system delivers the security, convenience, reliability and performance of infrared (ActiveKEY) or Bluetooth (eKEY app) technology in a compact, easy to use, fully-secured design. Keys are available for members after they have completed the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics class. This course is available live at the Board or online.

Realtors® can terminate the key contract by turning in the ActiveKEY or requesting their eKEY app to be deleted. When the ActiveKEY is returned, we will issue a refund of $35 of the original deposit. This refund is sent by mail as a check. In order to receive a deposit refund, the ActiveKEY must be returned in good condition within five business days of going inactive or placing a real estate license on inactive status with the Utah Division of Real Estate. If the key is not returned, the agent will be billed the remaining $199 and will forfeit the deposit (full price of key is $249). The $199 charge can be waived if the key is turned in after the bill is sent out, however, the deposit will not be refunded. The infrared fob is a purchased item and does not need to be returned.

Authorized Affiliates (home inspectors, photographers, etc.) who want a key may do so with a copy of their general liability insurance or a bond and completion of the NAR Code of Ethics course. Online Code of Ethics courses are not available for affiliate members.

Need a Key?
Call us at 801.542.8870. There are two types of keys: ActiveKEY ($50 deposit, plus $3 per month); and eKEY, a free app that operates on most smart phones (iPhones and Androids).

Communication Error?
ActiveKEYs: Line up clear window at top of ActiveKEY with the keybox sensor. eKEY app users: Turn on Bluetooth in phone settings. Activate Bluetooth in keybox by pushing up on key tray. .

Key Expired?
If you are using an ActiveKey, no worries! It’s a quick fix! Please call us at 801.542.8840 during regular business hours or Supra 877.699.6787 and ask for an update code.

The New Bluetooth iBox
eKEY app users: Activate Bluetooth in keybox by pressing up on the key tray. ActiveKEY users do not press up on key tray. To release shackle, press down and pull up on shackle.

Sync Failure?
For eKEY app users, if the app doesn’t update delete the app and re-download it. Then call us for an authorization code at 801.542-8840 or Supra at 877.699.6787.

Need a KeyBox?
The new Supra iBox can be purchased at the Realtor® Campus for $120 plus tax. The Key Department is located on the first floor in the Membership-Education Center.